Drone Hire

We are operators of drones for hire within the UK. Our parent company is called iSkyUAV International Ltd, we are a fully licensed operator with full time crew capable of being on your project at a moments notice. We can work dynamically to suit your requirements and our drones are ready / charged and waiting for your enquiry.

We at iSkyUAV are governed by the Civil Aviation Authority so we have complied with being accredited by the CAA and are certified to fly drones legally. Our experienced team of pilots have gone through the process of passing the examinations allowing them to be certified qualified pilots of the drones we own. We are fully insured so therefore have public liability to the value of £5m

What can a drone hire do for you?

  • For marketing purposes such as website videos, company presentations and promotional videos
  • For building surveys - Visual surveys, viewing roof tops, gutters, towers, bridges and much more
  • Land Surveys - mapping of land for development companies. Regular progression reports on land developments

Things to consider when looking for that operator

  • Are they qualified?
  • Are they experienced (our team have over 6000 hours of experience within the UAV / Drone industry)
  • How many crew attend the project (we have a minimum of 2 crew at every job)
  • Do they do onsite and offsite inspections?
  • Are they using just a GoPro or do they have other camera devices that can operate from there Drone?

Our Equipment

We operate with 2 x DJI S1000 Quadcopters, 1 x DJI F550 Quadcopter. The F550 is the small option and we can legally use this type of drone within built up areas such as London providing permissions are granted. The DJI S1000’s are our larger machines and operate using a Canon EOS 5D MkIII. Our quadcopters are custom built so our team of engineers have spent hours building the drones and if for whatever reason a technical fault appears on the day our crew / engineers can repair or replace parts without an delays. Also bear in mind we always endeavor to take a back up quadcopter.

The camera equipment we use is the Canon EOS 5D MkIII for the DJI S1000. The DJI F550 operates with the GoPro 4 offering great footage.

Click here to contact us at iSkyUAV for Drone hire aerial filming or give us a call on 01737 823733

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